Farmers Republic of Greece | Medium stand
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stand medium

Medium stand


Medium stand


Tranditional Greek flavors, all in a stand!

10 Greek Small Batch Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 500ml

30 Extra Virgin Premium Olive Oil 250ml

10 Green Olives with Pepper 355gr

10 Kalamata Organic Olives 355gr

16 Greek Organic Thyme 30gr

16 Greek Organic Oregano 30gr

24 Mountain Tea Bio 30gr

10 Fig Jam 360gr

10 Small Batch Organic Orange Marmalade 360gr

10 Greek Olive Paste 190gr

24 Greek pasta soup 330gr

8 Tagliatelle with tomato, Feta cheese, Olives & Peppers 500gr

50 Honey & Sesame Energy Bar 45gr

10 Extra Virgin Premium Olive Oil 500ml

20 Silver Fir Honey 250gr

10 Mediterenean Heather 250gr

10 Tomato sauce Bio 500ml

10 Tomato sauce with eggplant Bio 500ml



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