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Mediterranean Heather Honey


Mediterranean Heather Honey

250gr – Glass Jar

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Heather honey comes from nectar of Calluna vulgaris, commonly known as Ling Heather. This is a very short plant, covers the upper hills of islands and flowers in late summer months. It has characteristic, delicate aroma with a creamy caramel-like texture and a stronge, rich taste. Due to high natural content of glucose, heather honey crystallizes very quickly (within about 1-3 months) and therefore it is not suitable for blending with othertypes of honey! Aside from its distinctive taste, heather honey is traditionally valued for its medicinal properties, it contains dozens of natural nutrients,vitamins, enzymes and amino acids and it is very tonic, for human body. Our Heather honey is from Chalkidiki area which is renowned in Greece as the ‘blessed place’ because of the heavenly landscape and plethora of natural produce!
Spreading it on toast for breakfast, put it on top of an ice cream, or as an accompaniment to cheeses and pastries, its unique flavor brings out the best of the foods it is used with!

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