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Who We Are

Farmer’s Republic has brought together the very best small batch food producers from all over Greece in order to offer regional produce of outstanding quality.

Farmer’s Republic has brought together the very best small batch food producers from all over Greece in order to offer regional produce of outstanding quality.

Sustainable farming methods are a key factor in our quest for exceptional foods with respect to the environment, while providing fair trade conditions to the producer. We offer limited edition delights of guaranteed quality with high nutritional value, based on our legacy and time-honored methods of production.

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Throughout our travels all around the country we manage to capture the food culture of Greece and discover its most distinctive products, rich in colors, aromas and memories! Our close cooperation with our producers ensures the unique identity and authenticity of our products. Local knowledge, experience and tradition, combined with international perspective and attention to detail give us the optimum result.

Our products are distinguished in two different lines. Our premier line consists of traditional local products, excelling in their natural texture, original flavor, superb taste and high nutritional value. Straight from the Greek countryside, inspired by the great Greek nature they bridge the gap between eclectic taste and optimal health.Our limited line comes from small batch producers with outstanding products, in numbered quantity, based on traditional Greek village recipes. Our ingredients are organic and natural, seasonally collected with the greatest care in order to bring to your the freshest flavors.

Our company was founded by Dimitris Koutsolioutsos in 2012 in Athens, Greece. It all began in a small organic vegetable garden in central Evia, belonging to Dmitri’s family. He used to bring stuff back to his work colleagues, and they loved their quality and freshness. When he realized that other farmers out there had no direct access to markets, he thought of a way to connect their goods directly to individual households. He decided to name it “Farmers Republic”.

The sole purpose was to highlight the long-established production and consumption patterns, by prioritizing the varieties of the Greek earth and at the same time by returning to the honest values and ethics of traditional food. Farmers Republic has already achieved a dynamic presence abroad. In the first phase of the partnership, Farmers Republic exports wholesale package products, expanding into retail sales at a later date. In an effort to gain an international presence and expand our sales worldwide, we follow a trade policy with key areas: Tradition, Quality, Customer care & Commitment!

Our aim is to make Greek products available at each corner of the world, for everyone one to taste the Greek flavors, the rich Greek production and reap the benefits of a fertile land.

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Orange Jam

Pure Thyme Honey

Thyme Bio

Extra Virgin Organic Premium Olive Oil

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13rd km National Road Athens-Lamia, Metamorfosi, 144 52, Greece & Tzaferi 16, Athens, 118 54, Greece

+30 210 6202309, +30 210 6220050


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